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Skullsy.comWho are we? Skullsy is a proudly Canadian company that curates a marketplace of unique, avant-garde, fringe and contemporary skull related fashion, products and collectibles. 

Skullsy is a concept evolved from the love and appreciation of all things skull. The Skull is one of the oldest and most powerful of all symbols; its imagery is classic and timeless.  

Skullsy celebrates the diverse symbolism associated with the skull. For some, a skull is synonymous with death. Toxicity. Evil. For others, skulls symbolize protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom, survival, or even immortality.

For us at Skullsy, skulls are a humble reminder of our temporary existence in this physical world. We want to bring you the best of these iconic images to differentiate your lifestyle and set you up for a life of skull love.

Whether your tastes are more alternative, gothic, punk or contemporary, modern, and trendy Skullsy will have products that cover all spectrums of fashion and subculture lifestyles. 

Skullsy is dedicated to finding Men and Women’s Skull-inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories. Hand-made and artisan crafted skull-themed paintings, art, sculptures, home décor and more.

Why Us?

With the abundance of alternative stores why choose Skullsy?  Skullsy is dedicated in finding unique skull products to you from around the globe. We are scouring the edges of the internet, print and other social media as we are always focused on our amazing community. 

Promoting artists, creators and designers is paramount to us in order to bring skull-inspiration to people worldwide.

Skullsy is also committed to finding artisans, sculptures, painters and designers who want to join the skullsy marketplace to promote their brand to the world. Please contact at us info@skullsy.com or DM @skullsyshop on Instagram.

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  • 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate ensures high level data encryption to protect your information.
  • New Skull Inspired Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor and Art added daily.
  • A hand-curated market powered by Shopify.

Looking for something?

We can track down that specific skull related item for you or find the person/people you are looking for.

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